VLEDS VLR Pro Load Resistor

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INTRO: The VLR Pro is by far the cleanest and safest way to add load to any vehicle lighting system. With the included DuoTap Harness splicing the VLR Pro into your factory wiring doesn’t get any easier. Simply position the wires and click the DuoTap closed with a pair of pliers.

ONE FOR ONE: We get asked all the time, how many resistors will I need? The answer is simple: If you're removing a filament turn signal bulb add one VLR-6 in its place. It's like balancing a scale, if you remove weight the scale will be unbalanced so you're simply putting the same amount of weight (load) back on.

EXCLUSIVE: We developed the VLR Pro resistor to accomplish the same task as a common gold resistor but make them safer and easier to install. They have a much lower profile, and more surface area so they run 50% cooler (250°F MAX).

CONSTRUCTION: Utilizing a wire wound resistor potted inside of a black anodized aluminum heat sink, these are the most weatherproof and thermally safe resistors on the market. VLR Pro resistors use high temp silicone wiring attached to a male waterproof circular connector.

ELECTRICAL: Where tapping into your factory wiring is needed, the included DuoTap harness is highly recommended for a quick and easy no cutting connection! They literally take just minutes to install! Using the DuoTap connectors, insert one ground/chassis wire, and one turn/brake wire and squeeze DuoTap closed with pliers. If you ever need to upgrade or service the resistor simply remove and plug the new one in.

MOUNTING: The supplied VLR High Temp mounting tape can be used to adhere the resistor body to a flat clean metal surface on the vehicle. As an extra precaution: VLR Pro resistors should be mounted out of harm's way and should not touch any plastic or other wiring.


  • LED Bulb Hyperflash Fix (Connect to LED Bulb Wires)
  • Superior Heat Management
  • Bulb Specific Design
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • One (1) VLEDS VLR Pro Load Resistor

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