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A GUN TO A KNIFE FIGHT: Remember that scene in Indiana Jones where indy dispatches some guy with a sword doing a bunch of fancy moves? That’s what the 3156 XTR VF LEDs are here to do to the competition. They don’t flaunt some fancy pants fake lumen ratings. They dominate the game without all that flash and fakeness. They’re about business. They’re about being the most effective and that’s precisely what they are when it’s time to upgrade.

THE HOLY GRAIL: Building a light that can truly mimic an incandescent filament, often called a “virtual filament” has been a sort of holy grail for some time despite some companies claiming they’ve pulled it off. It requires leveraging every single facet of the reflector surrounding the optical source which nobody had actually pulled off, until now. For the very first time that’s exactly what the XTR VF LEDs do. Every other major company can sit back down. The race is over.

INNOVATOR: That’s not the only innovation though. These lights are Omni-Adjustable. That’s correct, you can position the 3156 XTR VF’s filament where ever you need to thanks to their telescoping and rotating collar system. That means that not only can you match the original position of your lights but that you’ll be at maximum intensity when you do so! .

NEVER SETTLE: CREE XQ-E LED Chips are well known for producing exceptionally high-intensity lighting. That’s precisely why the XTR VF leverages that technology to provide its foundation. To add to the versatility they used a universal collar that will fit headlights, taillights, and more. Offered in amber, red and pure white options we’re sure that no matter your application, we’ve got the right bulb for you! No need to settle for less.

NO COMPRIMISES: Remember how this lamp isn’t pushing maximum lumens like others? That means that it’s not overtaxing itself either. So instead of overpriced and underperforming, the XTR VF will dominate the competition for years to come. Beware of outputs claiming 1500-3000 lumens. In a system this size, that would stabilize at around 500F, yes that’s what you think it means--which is basically a giant red flag for unrealistic numbers.

OEM BEHAVIOR: Does your turn signal bulb double as a daytime running light? If so you’ll want the T-DRL option to ensure the best performance. The best part is that it auto-compensates for the need to switch back. So you’ll get amber for turns and bright white otherwise. In addition, the T-Signal module will make hyperflash a thing of the past. Every option, no matter the size or color configuration is totally cross-compatible. Have no fear Xenon Depot is here!

CONSIDER THIS: We have some customers who want to install and go. We totally understand that. The 3156 XTR VF does require a little time after installation to ensure that the virtual filament is sighted perfectly via the rotation and focal height to provide the ultimate output. It’s not wildly difficult, it just takes a little time and we want to be upfront about that. You deserve that!

FITMENT: This LED bulb replaces any 2355, 2356, 2456, 3155, 3156, 3155, or 3456 bulb size.

INCLUDES: You will receive (2) 3156 XenonDepot Xtreme VF LED Bulbs.


  • CREE XQ-E LED Chips (5500K Neutral White or Amber)
  • 360 Degree Design (Shoots Light in All Directions)
  • 922 Lumens Per Bulb (1844 Lumens Total)
  • 3 Year Warranty (Directly Through Us)
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