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Ready to upgrade your vehicle with window tint? You can schedule your appointment at Dynamic Appearance in Norcross, GA, below by selecting the service you want, the desired day and time, and entering your contact details. You will receive a confirmation email along with automated text messages to confirm your appointment. Please confirm your appointment and show up at your scheduled time or a little early to ensure we are able to complete your vehicle within the allotted time slot.

Tesla Model 3: You have two options for your Tesla Model 3 for the rear windshield. You can either choose partial coverage of the rear window that covers the glass up to the shaded area or choose full coverage that covers the entire rear window. From the outside, they look identical, but from the inside looking out, you will see the top of the tint line on the partial rear window. If you want to go with the partial rear windshield option, you can schedule your appointment below by selecting Full Vehicle. If you would prefer full coverage, it requires a larger roll of window film to cover the entire rear windshield. We stock larger rolls, but there is a chance we will need to special order a roll of film just for your Tesla. So before you book an appointment online, please call us at 678-404-6804 so we can discuss.