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Shop the best LED Forward Bulbs to upgrade your car, truck, or motorcycle lighting at Dynamic Appearance. Ditch the stock halogen bulbs and upgrade your headlights to LED with our plug-and-play kits! LED bulbs have grown in popularity thanks to the many benefits other lighting upgrades don't have. LED technology lasts much longer than HID with no warm-up period; you get full intensity as soon as you turn on your lights. Installation is simple, with no complicated components, and you easily replace your stock bulbs with replacement LED bulbs. We've tested hundreds of automotive LED bulbs to bring you the brightest LED kits on the market from top-rated brands. Whether you are replacing your low and high beams, or fog lights, we have the right LED bulbs for you!


Why Choose Us - Dynamic Appearance is not one of the oldest companies in Automotive Lighting, but we strive to be one of the best. Our philosophy is simple...provide our customers with the leading Automotive Lighting brands that excel in performance and longevity, make their shopping experience truly pleasant both before and after the purchase, and to provide the best price possible on everything we carry. Learn how we provide a stress-free shopping experience.

Highest Quality Products - We partner with only the best brands in Automotive Lighting to make sure the product you are purchasing is going to exceed your expectations. To do this, we first test all products that we carry to ensure they meet our standards. We rate each product on their real-world performance, on their external and internal build quality, and the products expected lifespan. All of the brands we carry have met all these requirements including Diode Dynamics, Hylux, LEDGlow, Morimoto, Osram, Philips, Profile Performance, Stattus, VLEDS, and XenonDepot. Even though we have a great lineup of products, we are always testing new products to provide our customers with cutting-edge Automotive Lighting.

One Stop Shop - We carry a wide selection of products to light up every section of your vehicle. We carry HID & LED Conversion Kits for your headlights and fog lights to make your driving experience brighter and safer. We carry LED Headlights, Tail Lights, Fog Lights, and Side Markers to provide you amazing light output while enhancing the look of your vehicle. We carry LED Accent Lighting for the exterior and interior of your vehicle including replacement bulbs to brighten your existing lights, add-on strips to add light in areas that need it, off-road lighting for your Jeep, SUV, or Truck, and lighting to make your Motorcycle stand out. If retrofitting is more your thing then check out our LED DRL Boards that replace your boring stock boards, LED Halo Rings that give your headlights a clean BMW appearance, and HID & LED Projectors to properly focus your headlights to maximize your light output. No matter what you need, we have something for you.

Hassle-Free Shopping - What truly sets us apart is how easy it is to shop with us. Who wants shipping charges added when checking out? Not us, so all of the products ship FREE storewide. What if you made a mistake on the product you ordered? No problem, we have a 30 Day Exchange and Refund policy. Got a defective product? We can get this processed for you and shipped out within 24 hours in some cases...some products don't even need to be shipped back to us. Can't figure out the installation? We have a combined 15 years experience installing Automotive Lighting with over 20,000 jobs to date. Even if it is something we can't directly answer, we will get you the answer quickly. When you choose us, we will do everything within our power to exceed your expectations.

Excellent Customer Service - We are committed to providing amazing customer service to all of our customers. This is why we are proud to have over 800 5-Star Reviews from our local customers on Facebook, Google, and Yelp. When you select us for Automotive Lighting and Window Tint, we will do everything within our power to exceed your expectations.

Diode Dynamics

The SL1 is one of the most impressive LED bulbs on the market that are designed and assembled right here in the USA! Diode Dynamics built these bulbs around the way that light rays are traveling from the LED itself to the inside of the reflector and then onto the road. This method, Ray Tracing, is all about delivering more usable light for you. Unlike other lights that use cheap fans that fail, DD utilizes MagLev fans to keep the SL1 as cool as a cucumber giving you maximum performance with a long lifespan. The attention to detail demonstrates their commitment to superior build quality.

GTR Lighting CSP Mini

The CSP Mini is smaller than the competition which makes it a perfect option for headlights with limited space like the Toyota Highlander. It still packs a punch at it's small size producing 2500 lumens per LED bulb and does it without worries of overheating or burning out. Instead of using a fan, GTR Lighting utilizes aircraft-grade aluminum that sheds heat quickly and efficiently. They've even been torture tested at 194 degrees for 15 days straight without failing so it doesn’t really matter how hot and long your workdays are, the GTR Lighting CSP MINI LED is up to the task.

GTR Lighting Ultra 2

The Ultra 2 was built from the ground up to dominate the LED bulb market. GTR Lighting uses digitally optimized NLW753 LED chips that are positioned precisely to mimick the original light source inside your headlight which delivers more light output on the road. Thanks to the efficient cooling system, more power can be sent to the LED itself to produce a whopping 3900 lumens per bulb. They’re built tough too. Internally these lights are 100% potted and waterproof and outside they’re constructed with durable materials that allow GTR to back this light for a lifetime.

Morimoto 2Stroke

The 2Stroke 3.0 LED bulbs from Morimoto are exceptional in every way. Single filament models use Osram Oslon LED chips producing 2100 lumens at full tempwhile the larger dual filament uses Luxeon Z ES LED chips producing 1680 lumens at full temp. Morimotos unique cooling system sucks cool air into the body of the bulb and blow warm air out, back into the housing effectively cooling the bulb while warming the ambient temperature inside of the housing, increasing resistance to snow/ice buildup. Those attributes earn it a well-deserved spot in our lineup.


Built from the same high-quality 6063 Aluminum that aircraft use, the S-V.4 is a truly complete package. This LED bulb uses NLW1860CV2 chips with no gap between diodes to provide as perfect a light source as possible. Compare that to cheap LED bulbs where you can see the gap between diodes and it’s easy to see why the S-V.4 out-performs. To keep performing in the harshest of weather, the S-V.4 uses a high-speed double ball-bearing micro fan that functions even underwater. These bulbs are 100% CANBUS compliant so you won’t get the flickering and flashing.


Not just one option, VLEDS has three levels of performance. The Limited is the smallest, highest output LED replacement of it's kind ensuring both a perfect fit as well as superior performance producing 2500 lumens per bulb. The Evolution is slightly larger but capable of producing as much output as a 35W HID system bumping the lumens output up to 3500 per bulb. The Extreme is capable of producing output equal to a 55W HID system, 4500 lumens, thanks to the 12 LED chips per bulb and high-output driver. No matter what you pick, you will love the performance and quality.

Featured Brands

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