Residential Window Tint


Residential Window Tinting

Adding window tint to your building is one of the best upgrades for your home. It allows you to keep your home cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter, protect your interior from harmful UV Rays, increase privacy from strangers, and upgrade the appearance of your house. Since it helps keep the inside temperature where it needs to be, it allows your HVAC system to work more efficiently and less often resulting in a lower electricity bill.  Check out the information we have below which talks about the benefits of window tint, the window tinting packages, and the window tint viewer powered by Llumar.


Benefits Of Window Tint

Conserve Energy | A well-maintained, energy-efficient home can lower your energy bills, enhance your comfort and increase your property’s value. Create an environmentally friendly space with window film, a smart alternative to less effective window treatments and costly window replacement. Conserve energy and save money by increasing the efficiency the heating and cooling system in your home with a window film solution that reduces the strain on your HVAC system all year long. Start saving today – connect with a product specialist for a free home tint estimate!

Enhance Style | Don't scare away current and prospective customers! The exterior of your workspace is the first thing customers see. Chipped, cracked and faded windows scream neglect and the last impression you want to give your customers is that attention to detail is of little priority. The average cost of window replacement is $450-600 per window. Although appearances are everything in business, window replacement may simply not be in the budget. In addition to providing an added layer of insulation and increasing energy efficiency, there are exterior window film options that can help conceal visible damage to your windows at a fraction of the cost of replacement with many color hue options to choose from to enhance appeal.

Fade Protection | You have invested too much time, money and effort into creating a beautiful space for you and your family to call home for the sun to wreak havoc on your precious and costly furnishings. About 40% of all fading is caused by ultraviolet (UV) light, 25% by visible light, 25% by heat, and 10% by humidity, chemical vapors, age of material, dye stability, etc. If you are looking for the least amount of visible change possible while gaining the maximum protection, fade protection window film is the way to go. You’ve worked too hard for that breathtaking view to cover it up with heavy drapes, blinds, curtains, and window shades!

Glare Reduction | Make every room in your home more livable. Does the sunlight render your kitchen useless during the breakfast hour? Is the glare on your television disrupting your relaxation time after work? Glare reduction window film keeps you from sacrificing your open floor plan surrounded by windows and filled with natural light for the opposite just to ensure your family is sun-safe and every room remains usable. Take your house back! Talk with one of our residential window film specialists today to build the ideal window film solution for every room in your home.

Heat Rejection | Larger spaces and more people can make for a difficult heating and cooling process. Heat blocking window film can help lower your company's energy bill and reduce your contribution to greenhouse gas emissions by stabilizing the temperature in your building all year long. Minimize A/C and heating system strain throughout the year by installing window film on your building that keeps the heat out during the summer but in throughout the winter months. Window film options have changed dramatically over the years – there are tons of color options and degrees of thickness available allowing you to easily zero in on the styles, colors and designs that seamlessly match your workplace aesthetics.

Increased Privacy | Don’t be forced to choose between protecting your privacy and enjoying your view! Window film is a modern, clean and cost-effective alternative to increasing the privacy of your home without adding bulky curtains, clunky blinds or other costly and view-inhibiting window treatments. Use solar and decorative films on the glass throughout your living space to shield your family and belongings from dangers outside as well as breaking up a large rooms and open spaces within. Connect with one of our residential film experts to craft a solution customized to your living space.

UV Protection  | Many workspaces are designed with skylights and large windows because natural light in the workplace is generally considered a good thing shown to improve mood and performance. On the other hand, the Skin Cancer Foundation research has found that workers posted near untreated glass show more signs of aging and skin-related health problems due to exposure. Implement solar window film throughout your workspace for the best of both worlds. Keep your staff safe while utilizing natural sunlight to keep your team performing at their highest level!

Residential Window Tinting Packages

Llumar Reflective | Dramatically improve the comfort level of your home and get a speedy return on your residential investment. With technology on two sides, this reflective window film provides a high level of heat, glare and UV control that keeps people at ease in any area, at any time of day. Reflective technology also gives exterior windows a pleasingly uniform, contemporary look. Our selection of silver, gold, bronze, blue and gray shades ensures you can find a design-worthy compliment for your property’s exterior finishes and landscaping.

Llumar Dual Reflective | If you appreciate the exterior look and impressive solar benefits of reflective film but prefer outdoor evening views to a mirror-like effect, this film is for you. Our dual-reflective film technology pairs a reflective outside-facing layer with a subtler inside-facing layer. This enables it to provide significant solar control while maintaining outside views after dark. It's also able to block 99% of the suns undesirable UV rays, keep all areas feeling cool, and save energy by stabilizing temperatures so building systems run less. Choose the right match for your building from a range of sophisticated shades.

Llumar Neutral | Our neutral window films may be less reflective and less attention getting, but they pack a powerful punch when it comes to controlling the suns effects. After installation, rooms feel noticeably cooler, 99% of UV rays can't harm you or your furnishings, and annoying TV glare is a thing of the past. Technically speaking, neutral window film provides “uniform light transmission without any strong color tone.” What this really means, though, is that neutral film doesn't interfere with the lovely way sunshine lights up a space.

Llumar AIR | Interested in improving your property's comfort and energy use, but not in broadcasting your choice to future clients or tenants? No problem, this Ceramic film is designed especially for your situation. It's a virtually invisible way to improve the performance of your buildings window glass, able to enhance indoor comfort while maintaining optically clear views. Whether you're choosing specialty solar window film because of business concerns, neighborhood rules or historic preservation, you'll appreciate what it adds to your property. And what it doesn't, too.

Llumar Low-E | Solar window films aren't just for extreme climates. Our intelligent, low-e window film technology is made for temperate regions that experience all four seasons. It combines insulating and heat-rejecting properties to help maintain comfortable indoor temperatures and more budget-friendly energy bills year-round, simultaneously reducing tenant complaints and operating expenses. With savings close to those you could get from full window replacement, low-e film is also an intelligent business investment. It gives you faster returns on what you spend for improvement, plus the price is much more attractive.

Residential Window Tint Viewer

Want to see how window tint looks on a building similar to yours? Thanks to Llumar, you can do exactly that! Just enter select Solar Control Window Films to view traditional films or Decorative Window Films to view films with patterns. Even though this isn't going to be 100% real world, it is still an awesome tool to see how smooth your building will look.