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Illuminate your vehicle with Dynamic Appearance's LED Accents! Our wide selection of automotive lighting has everything you need to make your car, truck, Jeep, or SUV shine. You'll find the perfect lights to match your style, from DRL Boards to Rock Lights and everything in between, including LED Demon Eyes, Grille Badges, Halos Rings, Strips, Underglow, and Wheel lights. Change the color on the fly when our RGB, RGBWA, and Flow Series multicolor options. With fast free shipping and top-quality brands, get ready for a show-stopping look with our premium LED Accents.


Brands: Diode Dynamics, Lighting Trendz, Morimoto, Profile Performance, VLEDS, X-Lume, XKGlow


Why Choose Us - Dynamic Appearance is not one of the oldest companies in Automotive Lighting, but we strive to be one of the best. Our philosophy is simple...provide our customers with the leading Automotive Lighting brands that excel in performance and longevity, make their shopping experience truly pleasant both before and after the purchase, and to provide the best price possible on everything we carry. Learn how we provide a stress-free shopping experience.

Highest Quality Products - We partner with only the best brands in Automotive Lighting to make sure the product you are purchasing is going to exceed your expectations. To do this, we first test all products that we carry to ensure they meet our standards. We rate each product on their real-world performance, on their external and internal build quality, and the products expected lifespan. All of the brands we carry have met all these requirements including Diode Dynamics, Hylux, LEDGlow, Morimoto, Osram, Philips, Profile Performance, Stattus, VLEDS, and XenonDepot. Even though we have a great lineup of products, we are always testing new products to provide our customers with cutting-edge Automotive Lighting.

One Stop Shop - We carry a wide selection of products to light up every section of your vehicle. We carry HID & LED Conversion Kits for your headlights and fog lights to make your driving experience brighter and safer. We carry LED Headlights, Tail Lights, Fog Lights, and Side Markers to provide you amazing light output while enhancing the look of your vehicle. We carry LED Accent Lighting for the exterior and interior of your vehicle including replacement bulbs to brighten your existing lights, add-on strips to add light in areas that need it, off-road lighting for your Jeep, SUV, or Truck, and lighting to make your Motorcycle stand out. If retrofitting is more your thing then check out our LED DRL Boards that replace your boring stock boards, LED Halo Rings that give your headlights a clean BMW appearance, and HID & LED Projectors to properly focus your headlights to maximize your light output. No matter what you need, we have something for you.

Hassle-Free Shopping - What truly sets us apart is how easy it is to shop with us. Who wants shipping charges added when checking out? Not us, so all of the products ship FREE storewide. What if you made a mistake on the product you ordered? No problem, we have a 30 Day Exchange and Refund policy. Got a defective product? We can get this processed for you and shipped out within 24 hours in some cases...some products don't even need to be shipped back to us. Can't figure out the installation? We have a combined 15 years experience installing Automotive Lighting with over 20,000 jobs to date. Even if it is something we can't directly answer, we will get you the answer quickly. When you choose us, we will do everything within our power to exceed your expectations.

Excellent Customer Service - We are committed to providing amazing customer service to all of our customers. This is why we are proud to have over 800 5-Star Reviews from our local customers on Facebook, Google, and Yelp. When you select us for Automotive Lighting and Window Tint, we will do everything within our power to exceed your expectations.

Dominate the Streets With Powerful LED Accent Lights for Cars

One of the coolest ways you can modify your whip is with astonishing car accent lighting. From aggressive reds to glowing greens, LED accent lights for cars add an extra bit of flair to your headlights, giving them a show of beautiful colors. Accent lighting can also be placed in other exterior areas of a vehicle, and automotive interior accent lighting can be applied to all types of trucks and cars, as well. Whether you drive a lighting fast Chevrolet Camaro or towering GMC Sierra truck, accent lights are sleek mods that make any vehicle look amazing. Plus, we only serve customers by selling automotive LED accent lights from the best brands in the industry, so you know you're working with premium products. Get LED accent lights for car and truck interiors or exteriors today.

Types of LED Accent Lights for Cars and Other Vehicles

  • LED car accent lights for grilles
  • Vehicle accent lighting for wheels
  • Auto LED accent lights for turn signals
  • Car interior LED accent lighting
  • Motorcycle license plate accent lights
  • Accent lighting for ATVs

What Are LED Accent Lights?

LED accent lights are lighting kits that can be mounted or installed in or on your vehicle to illuminate and cast a spotlight on one specific area. Accent lighting for cars and trucks can include DRLs or halos for your headlights, LED light strips for interior, underbody lighting kits for the exterior, and much more. These accent lights not only make your ride brighter but give it a unique appearance that will turn heads.

Are LED Accent Lights for Cars and Motorcycles Legal?

LED accent lights for cars and motorcycles are mostly legal across the United States, but there are some state-mandated restrictions. For example, most states do not allow you to have blue or red automotive accent lighting because it closely resembles police vehicles. Before you purchase motorcycle, car or truck accent lights, be sure to contact your local department of motor vehicles to learn your state's laws.

What Automotive Accent Lighting Colors Are Available?

We offer automotive accent lighting in virtually every possible color in our RGB color-changing products. Thanks to Bluetooth technology, our accent lighting provided by Diode Dynamics, Morimoto, and XKGlow allow you to change color on the fly right from your smartphone. Plus, you can choose flashing and breathing patterns while on the Morimoto XBT phone app or other brands. No matter what accent lights you choose to run, you'll have full control at your fingertips. So rock cool blue today, deep purple tomorrow, and so much more with virtually limitless options.

Purchase Electrifying LED Accent Lights for Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles

We get it — your car looks great, but it could look awesome. At Dynamic Appearance, we're just as passionate about vehicle modification. That's why we strive to help each customer achieve the best automotive accent lighting through our solutions. With car accent lighting from the industry's leading brands and top-notch customer service, you can't go wrong. Order auto LED accent lights now or contact us with any questions you have.

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