Automotive LED Underglow Lights | Who Is The Best?

Get The Right LED Underglow LED Lights!

If you've been wanting to customize your vehicle by adding underglow lighting to them, you may be having a hard time to find the right one for you. Which brand is the best? Which kit will be the brightest? Which will have the easiest installation? Not to mention all the stories of how the lights won't work or them breaking/falling off while driving. Hopefully, we will be able to answer some of those questions for you today to get the right LED underbody lights for your car or truck.

Our team members have been running underglow lights since the 90's back when they were called Neon Lights. If you've ever run neon lights, you know the biggest issue was breaking the tubes when going over speedbumps. Luckily, that was a long time ago and now we have LED technology to replace those old glass tubes. LED underglow lights are brighter, generally have a smaller strip/tube, and last much longer than the neon counterparts. However, all LED options are not created equal...some are the same generic kit that is sold under 50 different names while others are designed in-house to deliver the best results possible. We won't be focusing on the cheaper, generic options because they simply don't compare to bigger names in the industry. If you want to buy a $30 kit and deal with LED strips that fall off, stop working in a short time, or those cheap remote controls that look like they were designed in the '90s, then good luck.

We carried LEDG--- for many years and even though the quality is good, we were not happy with the large plastic underbody tubes. Even though the tubes are about half the size as the original neon lights back in the day, they still stick out quite a bit making the tube itself easier to see versus being more stealthy. This also increases the risk of being damaged when going over speedbumps. Another issue was the Bluetooth app, it is very basic meaning don't expect any cool features besides cycling through colors, strobing, breathing, or music. Lastly, connecting your phone to the Bluetooth app can be time-consuming. Out with the old, in with the new!

We now carry XKGlow which we believe to be the best overall brand for LED underglow! Why do we like them? First, the LED strips that come in XKGlow kits are much smaller than the competition allowing them to be concealed easier. Second, they are more flexible which allows you to contour them to the surface for an easier installation. Third, instead of having 1 long tube per side of the vehicle, it is made up of several connecting strips which means you can add or subtract a section to fit the exact dimensions of your vehicle without any cutting. This means more light where you need it and less where you don't. Sounds much better, right?


The Bluetooth app called XKChrome which is absolutely amazing. It connects to your phone in seconds and has a bunch of features not found on the other apps. Just like most setups, you can choose your color along with selecting functions like strobing or breathing. However, XKChrome takes it to the next-level with features you will want. Let's go over these features below and then see them in action in the video.

  • 16 Million Color Dual Zone Control - Built with 16-bit gamma correction, XKchrome provides over 16 million vibrant colors, allowing the user to choose any color with a single tap. Each controller has two zones that can simultaneously run different colors and patterns.
  • Capture Color with Camera - With XKchrome's realtime "chameleon" feature, you can paint your ride with any color you see. XKchrome instantly turns your vehicle into the very same eye-catching color, without even a finger tap. Be prepared to be in AWE!
  • Holiday Themes & DIY Customizer - Our color designer hand-picked over 15 themes for special occasions throughout the year. It even comes with an "emergency pattern" in case you parked at the side of the road in the dark. In addition, users can fully customize their own themes with various patterns, speeds, and up to 10 color combinations.
  • Turn Accent Light into Brake Light - Now with the integrated Smart Brake sensor wire, XKchrome can turn the entire vehicle into a brake light! As soon as you apply the brake, XKchrome immediately switches all LED lights on in red. This significantly increases the vehicle's visibility at night and promotes a faster reaction of the vehicle behind. *This function can be turned on/off via the app.
  • Sync Light to Music - XKchrome's Music Sync feature enables lights to dance with the rhythm of any song in your phone, or with any sound picked up by the microphone. To maximize the visual effect, our adaptive algorithm dynamically adjusts the volume sensitivity.
  • Change Color with Acceleration & Speed - XKchrome can seamlessly transit lights from one color to another and tune the light brighter as you move faster, turning your vehicle into a beast that breaths light! All these new feature updates are free so you can get the most out of XKchrome with your imagination.

You can easily say we are biased because this is the brand we carry but we carry this brand for a reason. The quality is absolutely amazing, the technology is unmatched, the Bluetooth app is next-level, and the installation is as easy as it gets. We highly recommend checking out the following RGB LED Lighting products; Forward Bulbs, Demon Lights, Interior Lights, Motorcycle Lights, Rock Lights, Truck Lights, Underbody Lights, and Wheel Lights.