Best and Brightest LED Headlight Bulbs?
Top 25 Brands of LED Headlight Bulbs Shootout!  Headlight Revolution tests the top brands to see who has the best and brightest LED bulbs. Some of the brands competing are Morimoto, GTR Lighting, XenonDepot, Diode Dynamics, Philips, VLEDS, SNGL, Hikari, Putco, Auxbeam, OPT7, Lasfit, and Headlight Experts. Who are you betting on to be the winner?  Headli …
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Should you choose LED or HID Bulbs?
Everything you need to know! Headlight Revolution will be discussing the differences between HID & LED Lighting. HID has always been the go-to for increased light output, but LED has come a long way to be a major contender. Is HID still the king of brightness or has the newest LED Technology caught up to the king? See which is best for you. Headlight Revoluti …
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How To Properly Aim LED Headlights!
Get The Most Out Of Your LED Headlights! Anytime you change your headlight bulbs it's important to then aim the headlight housing - especially when upgrading the bulbs to something brighter like LED. Headlight Revolution walks you through the steps of how to properly aim your headlights to avoid blinding and shining other drivers. The process is simple and will help you …
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Why You Should Avoid Multi-Sided LED Bulbs!
Looking to buy Multi-Sided LEDs for your vehicle? DON'T! Watch this video first! Headlight Revolution will be covering the main reasons why multi-sided LED bulbs do not work in Reflector or Projector housings. Even though more LED chips may seem to be the answer for more light output, it is actually quite the opposite. In reality, the goal is precision and alignmen …
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Should You Replace Your Stock Xenon HID Lights With LED? Headlight Revolution explores LED replacement options for factory D1S & D2S HID setups. Many people think LED is brighter since it is the newer technology but do they perform well in Xenon HID headlamps? The simple answer is no, they do not perform well in the headlamps. If you want to increase the brightness …
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