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Car Tint Grayson Georgia

Dynamic Appearance is your leader in Grayson, Georgia for Automotive Window Tinting. We are committed to providing you with expert quality installation of top-rated Llumar and 3M window films. With over 20 years of combined experience and 20,000 vehicles tinted in Grayson, rest assured you found the right shop to tint your car, SUV, or truck. We work on all types of models including Aston Martin, BMW, Ferrari, Land Rover, Lamborghini, Lexus, Maserati, McLaren, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and Tesla. Since it can get hot in Georgia, we specialize in high-performance window films that feature Ceramic Technology that blocks Infrared Heat from the sun keeping your vehicle cooler, giving you a comfortable ride. Check out all the details below, contact us to get a Free Quote, and Schedule Your Tint online easily.


Benefits Of Window Tint

Enhance Style | Window tinting is a fantastic place to get started if you are looking for a big impact to appearance at an affordable price that can be installed quickly with many color options. Choose an elegant shade with clear and invisible film or select a more daring dark hue. Don’t forget to do your homework! Every state has car window tint laws in place about color, reflectivity percentages and other features that may not be permitted.

Fade Protection | Don’t let excessive heat and exposure to sunlight cause the interior of your vehicle to fade! Fabrics, plastics and leathers will all fade over time when exposed to sunlight. High-performance fade protection window films can block virtually all the UV light from the sun while still allowing visible light in leaving your view intact. You can increase this protection by going with a darker shade to reduce some of the visible light.

Glare Reduction | Sun glare happens when the bright sun is low on the horizon. Unfortunately for most, the typical morning and evening commute aligns perfectly with the rising and setting of the sun, putting you on the road during the most dangerous time of day. When selected and applied properly, glare reduction window films will significantly reduce the blinding glare cast across your windshield keeping you and everyone else on the road safe.

Heat Rejection | Driving should be a pleasant experience that shouldn't be interrupted by heat from the sun. If you pick one of our higher heat rejecting films below, you won't be bothered anymore. These films will keep you cooler in the summer delivering a better driving experience for you and your occupants. Over time, professionally installed heat blocking window film can also reduce the wear and tear on your vehicle’s heating and A/C system.

Increased Privacy | Passenger cars come with all windows virtually clear which gives you zero privacy while SUV's and Trucks on the other hand come with privacy glass on all the rear windows. This means wandering eyes can see everything you do in your private space. You have the control to reduce visibility into your vehicle by picking the film shade that fits your needs... lower the number means it will be darker offering more privacy.

UV Protection | Factory tint is oftentimes confused for including similar UV protection coverage, but it is only glass that has been dyed for added privacy. Even some newer vehicles offer some protection, it is still nowhere near the protection of automotive window film. Since skin cancer has been linked to sun exposure while driving, it is important to get the most protection possible. When you add window film to your vehicle, you are block over 99% of UV Rays.

Benefits of Choosing Us

Highest Quality Films | When selecting a shop, the window film they use is extremely important. Even if the installation is amazing, a poor quality film can start to fail in as little as 6 months. We want to provide you with films that will essentially outlast your vehicle. We partnered with Llumar and 3M to bring you the very best in window film technology that offers amazing performance, optical clarity like no other, and an industry-leading warranty.

Superior Installation | We covered how important your window film choice is, now let's discuss the installation. Many shops have inexperienced tinters working on customer's vehicles. This can lead to gaps in your window tint, excess amount of dirt in the installation, or even damage to your vehicle. We have over 20 years of combined experience with 20,000 vehicles tinted and are factory trained on the most advanced techniques to give you the cleanest tint job.

3M Crystalline Certified | Most tinters can install basic window films, but only a select few can install 3M Crystalline since it requires advanced techniques and most importantly a lot of patience. There are many 3M dealers that are unable to install Crystalline. We are not one of those dealers, we were the 1st 3M Crystalline Certified shop in Georgia providing expert installation. Even to this date, there are only a couple of certified shops in Georgia.

Nationwide Lifetime Warranty | One of the most overlooked things about window tint is the warranty. Some shops offer only a few years, others offer a lifetime but on labor only, and most shops have no coverage beyond their own shop which means you have no warranty if they go out of business. All of our options are backed by a Nationwide Lifetime Warranty covering you by all Llumar and 3M dealers throughout the USA.

Exclusive Breakage Protection | Even though our Nationwide Lifetime Warranty is amazing, we want to do more for our customers. This is why we offer our Exclusive Breakage Protection on all of our window films. If one of your side windows is ever broken due to a break-in or accident, once you replace the glass we will tint one window for free. This is not something we are reimbursed for by the manufacturer, this is covered completely by us.

Window Tint Packages (Click on the Film for More Info)

Llumar ATC (Good) | The color-stable technology ensures your Llumar ATC Series window tint will really go the distance, and of course you want your interior to look just as fantastic, for just as long. That’s why we combine our advanced deep-dye technology with 99% UV protection. This added feature helps keep your upholstery, dash, and other interior finishes from cracking, fading or looking anything less than factory-fresh. 

Llumar CTX (Great)The Llumar CTX Series offers you a wide range of shades, each completely loaded with our most luxurious, premium features. With Nano-Ceramic technology, this auto tint creates an oasis inside your vehicle that’s cooler, easier on the eyes, and protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays, all without compromising the connectivity of your phone, GPS, and other devices. CTX will block up to 69% Infrared Heat.

Llumar IRX (Excellent) | The top-of-the-line LLumar IRX Series transforms your vehicle inside and out with our best Ceramic window tint technology and a generous share of additional deluxe features. You’ll be calm, cool and collected as you’re sitting in the driver’s seat, thanks to this window film’s concentrated infrared blocking abilities, protection against 99% of UV rays, discreet privacy and glare reduction. IRX will block up to 88% Infrared Heat.

3M Ceramic IR (Superior) | The 3M Ceramic IR series was developed with a Nano-Ceramic technology that provides a high level of infrared heat rejection due to the absorptive technology. The Ceramic IR Series is designed for low visible light reflectivity value while reducing up to 93% of the glare from blinding sunlight, it allows you to see better and concentrate more on driving. Ceramic IR will block up to 95% Infrared Heat.

3M Crystalline (Ultimate) | The Crystalline Series features a proprietary, multilayer optical film nano-technology that combines over 200 layers in a film that is thinner than a Post-it Note. A clear breakthrough in automotive window films. The Crystalline Series rejects more heat than many dark films without changing the appearance of your vehicle, making it the superior choice for comfort. Crystalline will block up to 97% Infrared Heat.

Window Tint Discounts (Full Vehicles Only)

Driving Distance | We have a lot of customers driving long distances to have their windows tinted with us. We want to show them appreciation so we have a driving distance discount. If you are driving over 20 miles to come visit us, we will give you an instant $20 discount on any window tint package. Simply provide us with your drivers license.

First Responders & Military | We depend on first responders and our military to keep us safe and protected, so we would like to say thank you. We offer an instant $20 discount on any window tint package. Simply provide us with your EMT, Fire, Police, or Military ID. In the event you forgot your ID, we will accept any form of proof you have on you.

Returning Customer | We have to show love to all the repeat customers that just us multiple times for window tint. You will receive an instant $20 discount on any vehicle after your first one. Simply provide us with a copy of your previous window tint warranty. Even if you don't have it with you, we have many ways to look you up in our system.

Windshield Tint | A popular option is to tint your full windshield either to add some shade or to block heat. We want to reward you with an instant $20 discount if you get your windshield tinted on the same day as the rest of your vehicle. Even though we say "same day" we will honor this discount if you bring your vehicle back on a different day.

Window Tint Shades

We have the widest selection in Georgia of window tint shades for you. If you are looking for a darker shade for privacy, you will want 15-25% shades. If you are looking for a medium shade to keep it legal, you will want 30-50% shades. If you are looking for a lighter shade for maximum optical clarity, you will want 70-90% shades. Keep in mind, some of the darker shades are not legal in Georgia. We will be happy to go over Georgia window tint laws with you to make sure you're compliant.

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