Georgia Window Tinting Laws [2024]

Georgia Window Tinting Laws [2024]

Automotive window tinting laws in Georgia can be very confusing especially if you're getting incorrect information. For example, did you know that there are different laws for Cars then there is for SUVs and Trucks? How about tinting your full windshield is technically illegal? We will go over all the details so you can make an informed decision next time you get your windows tinted. Get up-to-date information right here at Dynamic Appearance.

Car Window Tinting Laws in Georgia

Let's start with automotive window tinting laws for the state of Georgia for coupes, sedans, hatchbacks, and wagons. In the photo below, you will see we break down the GA law per window. You must allow 32% of light through all of your side windows along with the rear windshield. A common misconception is that you can make the rear windows as dark as you want legally which is not the case. The good news is GA has a 3% tolerance so you can meter as low as 29% and still be fully legal in Georgia. They do this just in case you barely miss the 32% mark or if their meter is not calibrated. Another misconception is it's legal to tint your full front windshield with a clearer window film. Nope! You're only legal option for the windshield is a 6" sunstrip at the very top. GA does not utilize the AS-1 line; they simply measure 6 inches at the widest point. Now that you should have a good understanding, let's see how it differs on SUVs and Trucks.

SUV and Truck Window Tinting Laws in Georgia

Now lets dive into the difference for SUV, Truck, and Van owners. You may have already noticed the big difference in which your rear windows are already tinted. This is called privacy glass, which is colored glass from the factory with no actual window film applied. You are still required to allow 32% light through the front driver and passenger windows, however, the rear windows are exempt so you can go as dark as you want and still be legal. The only downside to this is the stock privacy glass is darker than the legal limit for your front two doors. So if you choose legal, they will be much lighter than the rear windows. If you want to match them, you would have to choose a darker/illegal shade. As far as the front windshield, the same laws apply as they do to passenger cars.

Window Tinting Exemption in Georgia

If you have a medical condition that affects your eyes, you can apply for a  Window Tinting Exemption in Georgia. You will need to visit a physician/optometrist to diagnose your medical condition. The application form, payment fee, and letter from the physician/optometrist must be mailed directly from the medical office to the Department of Public Safety. The window tinting exemption only allows a 9% reduction of visible light which means you can meter as low as 20%, but still does not allow anything on the full front windshield.

Will Police Pull You Over for Illegal Tint?

A police officer can subjectively decide that your window tint seems too dark, and they can pull you over on articulable suspicion. They can then test the darkness of your windows with a tint meter to confirm that it falls into the legal limit. Officers may have a slip-on meter that can only test your door windows or a two-piece meter that can also test your front or rear windshield. Some officers may not know the current tint laws in Georgia, so stay up-to-date on them.

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