How To Find The Right Window Tint Shop?

What Should a Consumer Look For When Choosing a Film Dealer?

You may have noticed there are a lot of Window Tint shops. It can be overwhelming trying to find which one is the right option for you. Should you go strictly by the price, who has the best reputation, or who carries the biggest brand name? Get tips straight from Llumar dealers above on what they think is important.

Confidence is key! You should feel comfortable talking to the shop and feel confident that they can perform the work. If they sound unsure about the work or can't explain to you their film options, then you might not want to take a chance on them. While you're there, take a look around their shop. It it is dirty or unorganized, you have to ask yourself how will they treat your vehicle if that is how they treat their own shop. Ask to see vehicles in the parking lot that they've tinted, it is the best way to see their quality level. If you see imperfections on their own vehicles, can you trust them to do better on yours? It is easy to spot red flags when you're looking for them.

We feel quality is the highest priority since no matter what you pay, you want a clean job. So we start with hiring the most talented installers that are factory-trained in the newest installation techniques. Next we partner with the highest quality window film manufacturers to ensure our work will last longer than your vehicle. Then we back our work with an industry-leading warranty that protects you in case of a failure. Lastly, we wrap up all this goodness with a price that makes you happy. Even though we are not the cheapest priced Window Tint shop in Atlanta, the value we offer you can't be matched by any other shop. 

We are proud to install Llumar and 3M window films on all vehicles. We have an entry-level option, three levels of Ceramic films to block heat, and Crystalline that outperforms all other films on the market. All of these films come with a Lifetime Warranty that is covered Nationwide plus our Exclusive Breakage Protection.