Is 3M Crystalline Tint the Best Option for Your Windows?

Get Top-Rated 3M Crystalline Window Tint in Atlanta, Georgia!

One of the best options to block the heat from the sun in Atlanta, GA is to add 3M Crystalline Window Tint to your car, SUV, or truck from Dynamic Appearance. What makes Crystalline so great is the vast improvements it makes over other performance window films. Even the lightest tint provides the most heat rejection from harmful rays, which keeps your car’s interior cool and fresh throughout the day. However, this tint doesn’t just reduce the thermal energy; it also reduces glare while driving. Crystalline has a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 1000 so that your vision remains clear and focused during your morning commute, you're sunlit drive through the countryside, and all other driving-related adventures. Plus, this window tint is non-metalized, which means you can safely navigate with GPS and not experience any signal interference.

3M Crystalline checks all of the boxes listed by our customers. Because of its incredible, patented technology, it is able to reject 97% of the Sun’s Infrared heat. Most window films that approach this level of performance incorporate nano-particles of ceramics, metals, or carbon. While these are effective ways of producing high-performance window films, they also reduce clarity. Crystalline is constructed using their exclusive Multi-Layer Optical Film technology. This allows for there to be no compromises, extreme performance, and high-definition level clarity. The multitude of benefits does not end there. With over 200 layers of nano-technology in every sheet, 3M crystalline is the ideal choice for longevity and value as well. The product comes with a limited lifetime warranty because they are so confident that it will not peel, yellow, or discolor during its long service life.

Finally, perhaps the best way to understand 3M Crystalline’s value is by looking at the company behind the product. Since the first window film patent in 1966, 3M has been providing window film products that help provide protection from harmful UV rays and serve to keep drivers safe by reducing glare during all times of the day. The innovators continue to innovate, and while 3M Crystalline is the best choice now, this company will surely better itself in the future as well.