Tesla Window Tinting | Atlanta, Georgia

Tesla Window Tinting Experts in Georgia!

We know you love your new Tesla and with expertly applied Window Tint, you can love it even more! Dynamic Appearance is the premier Tesla window tint shop in Atlanta, GA for your Model 3, Model S, Model X, and Model Y. Even though many consumers add window tint for increased privacy, Tesla owners focus on heat reduction to keep their model cooler for a more enjoyable driving experience. So we specialize in heat rejecting window films that keep that Georgia heat out of your Tesla. We carry multiple Ceramic tinting options along with 3M Crystalline that blocks out 97% IR heat! Even if you don't care about blocking heat, we have you covered. If you're in need of window tint on your Tesla of any model, look no further.

What is the best Window Tint for my Tesla?

The short answer is whatever option you feel is best, no pressure from us. However, most Tesla owners go with a heat rejection window tint like ceramic for maximum interior cooling. We carry three ceramic options that block 69-95% Infrared which is the heat you feel since it penetrates your skin deeper. Even though ceramic is the most popular option, we also have 3M Crystalline which blocks 97% IR surpassing all other films. Compared to other window tints, which can contain signal-interfering metals, our window tint guarantees zero signal interference. This means the technology built into a Tesla will be able to work as advertised. After all, this is one big reason you bought a Tesla.

Does my Tesla glass block harmful UV?

Many Teslas already come with UV filtering technology. The problem is not EVERY window on every vehicle has this filtering technology. The Lamisafe laminated glass—used on roof glass and windshields—has UV filtering. The tempered glass side windows usually won’t filter out UV rays. This makes them a great candidate for some Tesla window tinting by Dynamic Appearance. All of our window tint options from Llumar and 3M block at least 99% Ultraviolet Rays which helps prevent damage to your Tesla interior and your skin. Together, we can keep all the harmful rays out of your Tesla.

Will my Tesla Window Tint have a seam?

Have you ever seen a Tesla with tint that has a seam through it? It looks super lazy. What causes this seam is using two pieces of tint to cover the extra-large glass of Teslas. Plenty of tint shops will not, or cannot, carry the larger rolls of tint required to tint the Model X windshield, the Model 3 rear glass, or the Model Y panoramic roof. That’s not an excuse though. A tint shop should never seam the tint on any vehicle, it’s just wrong.

Can I trust any shop to tint my Tesla?

Unfortunately, no. Teslas are packed with electronics that need to be properly protected during the installation of window tint. If the shop does not take extra steps to keep your Tesla dry, you may end up at the dealership getting repairs. Since we tint Teslas almost daily, we have the most experience in Georgia with the Model 3, Model S, Model X, and Model Y. If you have a Tesla Model 3, there is a design flaw in the rear window that can cause the glass to crack under stress. The majority of window tint shops don't know about this and apply heat directly to your window which further increases the risk of cracking. Unlike these shops, we have our own TM3 rear glass that we use to prep the window tint for your vehicle. We never apply heat to your rear glass, we simply slide the fully prepped window film into place. Just leave your Tesla in the hands of the experts, Dynamic Appearance.

Are you ready to get your Tesla tinted?

If you've made your decision to tint your Tesla, we've made it as easy as possible. When you're ready to schedule your Tesla Model 3, Model S, Model X, or Model Y to get the windows tinted, you can do it easily online. You can also view the availability before you book to see what time works best for you. If you're not sure of the pricing, hit the Get A Quote button below for a free quote for your Tesla or give us a call.