VLEDS LP-Reverse Light Is BRIGHT!

High-End LED Lighting For Your License Plate!

Generally, stock reverse lights on cars and trucks leave much to be desired. They just don't do a good job illuminating the area behind you so you can safely back-up. Most people turn to LED bulbs to solve this issue but even those do not always get the job done. There are plenty of reverse light systems but few may compete for the term hidden, sleek, and almost factory-looking. Thanks to VLEDS, those days are over! The VLEDS LP-Reverse Light System packs not only an impressive stature but carries the lumens and functionality to boot.

  • LICENSE PLATE REVERSE: The LPR housing is made of CNC’d aluminum with a stunningly smooth, black finish exterior grade UV resistant polycarbonate lens. To top it off, the fascia presents a very clean engraved VLEDS logo. Boasting an impressive 72 high-output 5500K LEDs to light up the world you live in, this is the new standard in reverse lighting. This reverse light will compete with your favorite off-road lighting companies reverse lights and look classy doing it. You are also covered by a 3-Year Warranty against defect.
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION: Tap into your back up light bulb wires, fasten the bar over your license plate and you're done!
  • SAFETY ADDED: Provide yourself and others around you with more light to see and be seen by. This Reverse Light System is brighter than any other LED replacement bulb we sell! Enjoy the simplest and brightest LED back-up system on the market...we guarantee you'll love it.

We have plenty of bright LED bulbs that can be used for back-up lights. However, we highly recommend you giving the VLEDS LP-Reverse Light System a try. We use it on several of our personal vehicles along with our shop vehicle and could not be happier! Get it shipped with Free Shipping at Dynamic Appearance!