VLEDS Monochrome V35 V50 is Here!

Engineered by VLEDS

The Monochrome Series is the result of years of experience designing high-performance automotive lighting — culminating in the most ambitious products VLEDS has ever created. The V50 and V35 integrate incredibly advanced technology into an elegant, compact form, resulting in an amazing experience every time.

POWER: The new Monochrome Series comes in two power levels. The V35 offers an unoffensive 3500 lumens output which is perfect for every application including your low beams and high beams in both reflector and projector housings along with fog lamps. The V35 also comes with an internal driver which makes installation a breeze. The V50 steps the output up to 5000 lumens which is ideal for most applications especially in low beam projectors and high beams. Due to the increased power, an error-free external driver was added to provide better reliability and longevity.

DESIGN: The V35 utilizes HP 3570 LED chips produce a clean 5500K color temp that emulated optimal daylight driving conditions. The chrome-plated stem virtually disappears inside the housing, blending perfectly with the factory reflector. Over-molded wiring effectively isolates electrical components from the elements, leaving no base types or connections overlooked.

COOL: The HP 3570 LED chips that features higher light output while producing less heat. The dedicated thermal pad helps directly transfers the heat away from the chips to the PCB. The ultra-thin, 1.5mm copper core PCB is designed for optimal light output and a focused, crisp beam pattern. The dual square copper heat pipes provide a significant increase in contact surface area, enhancing efficiency in thermal management. Enhanced conductivity and superior thermal efficiency with a copper-plated internal heat sink. On top of this, a Whisper Flo fan is added spinning at 12000 RPM with a near-silent 55 dB operation.

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