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INTRO: Looking to light up your grille? Your in the right place. Cruise down the street with color cycling grille, a unique addition to your vehicle that will turn heads as you drive by. Our fully waterproof grille LED lighting strips are exactly what you've been searching for. Take your vehicle to the next level! Featuring full color functionality, you'll have the ability to transform your look with the click of a button. Cycling through hundreds of different modes and functions, the color combinations are virtually endless. Easily trimmed to your desired length and installs in seconds with the pro grade 3m tape backing.

GRILLE LIGHTING KIT: A Grille Lighting Kit is a Kit that includes all the necessary parts to successfully install full color functionality LED lights to light up your grille. These LED lights will be installed behind the grille with an LED strip as well as all the included parts. Upgrade your vehicle with this eye catching grille kit.

RGB: Full color functionality to customize your ride with any color Grille LED Lights you are feeling. You can flip through whatever colors you want in whatever light pattern you want!

RGBWA: Full color functionality with the option of PURE WHITE and AMBER, to customize your ride with any color Halo Rings you are feeling. These RGBWA LED’s also have switchback functionalities. Flip through any pattern of color you want including the pure white option!

FLOW SERIES: Full color functionality to customize your ride with any color Grille LED Lights you are feeling. With our Flow Series LED lights, you can have chasing colors that circle around your Grille for an upgraded and eye catching look for your vehicle.

HANDHELD REMOTE: With the Handheld remote, you get a small remote that you can control all your LED functionalities on. All LED's have a handheld remote option.

BLUETOOTH CONTROLLER: With our Bluetooth remote, you will never lose your remote again. Just download the app, and control the LED's in your car with the app that is right in your phone! All LED's have a Bluetooth Remote option.

NOTE: If you choose the no controller option, you will need your own RGB/RGBW controller to operate the lights. Flow series is not compatible on the same controller with any of the other Flow Series lights, so you will need to purchase the Flow Series Bluetooth Controller. However, you can control all the Flow Series lights on the same app.


  • Universal Fitment
  • RGB, RGBWA, or Flow Series
  • RF Handheld Remote or Bluetooth Controller
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • One (1) 60" RGB, RGBWA, or Flow Series Fully Waterproof Strip
  • One (1) 6ft Extension Wire
  • One (1) Handheld or Bluetooth Controller