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INTRO: Are you looking for the ultimate underglow lighting kit for your vehicle? Well look no further, our full coverage underglow lighting kit allows for the maximum amount of coverage for your vehicle while keeping the color flowing. All strips will need to be trimmed to fit your exact vehicle dimensions, the front and rear of the vehicle will use two strips each while the sides use one long strip.

COLOR OPTIONS: We have a few different styles when it comes to our Ultimate Full Coverage Flex LED Underglow Lights, here's a breakdown on each style so you have a better understanding on what your options are:

RGBW: Full multicolor with dedicated 6000K White including strobe and fade as well as amber turn signal functionality.

Flow Series: Full mulitcolor with over 1 million color choices including 200+ Color-Chasing modes and optional sequential switchback.

NOTE: If you choose the no controller option, you will need your own RGBW/Flow controller to operate the lights. Flow series is not compatible on the same controller with any of the other Flow Series lights, so you will need to purchase the Flow Series Bluetooth Controller. However, you can control all the Flow Series lights on the same app.


  • Available in RGBW (6000K White), or Flow Series (Color-Chasing)
  • Flow Series has 200+ Sequential/Color-Chasing Modes
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • Two (2) 96" Fully Waterproof Single Row Flex Strips (RGBW or Flow Series)
  • Four (4) 36" Fully Waterproof Single Row Flex Strips (RGBW or Flow Series)
  • Six (6) Extensions (RGBW or Flow Series)
  • One (1) Bluetooth Controller (RGBW or Flow Series) - If Included