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MORIMOTO: The Automotive Lighting Benchmark. While there's probably nothing wrong with your halogen high beam bulbs, or certainly a retrofitted set of bi-xenon/Bi-LED projectors, overkill is under-rated, and that's why we're giving two thumbs up to the new Morimoto high beam projector.

WELL DONE: The Morimoto Mini HB projector is a projector designed as a dedicated high beam, and it is stupid bright! It has one job, and it is good at it!

EASY INSTALL: The Mini HB features a threaded-shaft style mount on the back that allows the projectors to be locked on with their included hardware, and minimal modifications to your headlight. Best part is that the threaded shaft is about twice as long as what you would normally find on something like a Mini H1 projector, making it even easier to install across the board. Not only that, it includes adapter hardware for most popular bulb sockets (h11, 9005, H7, etc)...Now that's awesome.

SHROUDS: Conveniently, the Morimoto HB LED LED projectors are compatible with most every existing shroud on the market, even including the "Mini Series" - which will screw onto the pre-existing mounting points. They also take all shrouds that work with centric rings too- so you should be able to snap them right onto the bezel on the front face of the Hi-Lens.

WIRING: Really doesn't get any more simple. These come out of the box with a universal 9005/9006 male input that will connect directly to the high beam trigger (or splitters) coming from your car. If you have a differently sized OEM high beam bulb, no worries, just pick up an inexpensive adapter (which we also carry)


  • Universal Design, Fits Most Headlights
  • 100% Clarity Performance Optic Lens
  • Projectors Only, Add Shrouds Separately
  • High Beam Specific Application
  • 3,000 Intensity
  • 5 Year Warranty


  • Projector Width: 82mm
  • Projector Height: 78mm
  • Projector Depth: 125mm (w/ Shaft)
  • Projector Lens: 2.8 Inches
  • Mounting Depth: 100mm Minimum
  • Mounting Shaft: 20mm


  • Two (2) Morimoto Mini HB LED High Beam Projectors