NHK G5 FastBright HID Ballast


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NHK: Is a well known and widely distributed brand in China, the produce good quality aftermarket HID lighting products that are great for those seeking budget friendly upgrades!

BRIGHTER IS BETTER: NHK rates their G3 ballast at 38 watts, making them slightly more powerful than most traditional 35w ballasts. Select the G5 ballast if you want an even brighter 55w. In this business, brighter is better, we won't argue that!

AMP ONLY: The NHK FastBright Ballast is only available with AMP Male/Female outputs, but can easily be used with D2S bulbs with some (optional) AMP>D2S Adapters.

RELIABLE: If you are not ready to buy into the big leagues with something from Hylux or Morimoto, the NHK ballasts have proven reliable for many.

FAST BRIGHT: As the name indicates, these have a quick warm up time, so they will bring your HID bulbs up to full intensity faster than most. That being said, they do have a relatively high start current to achieve that, so it is highly recommended to use a traditional relay harness to power them.

SHARP: They low key black finish, mesh covered high voltage insulation, and the mounting brackets make these a stealth, OEM-like addition to any engine compartment. They are also completely sealed up, so no concerns about mounting location.

INSTALL: The NHK G5 FastBright HID Ballast is designed to replace 99.9% of existing aftermarket HID ballasts with standard AMP connectors. Simply disconnect your existing HID ballast from your HID bulb, connect our HID ballast in its place, and mount the HID ballasts with the provided brackets.


  • Digital ASIC Processor
  • Fast Bright Technology
  • 38 or 55 Watts Per Ballast
  • 2500 Hours Lifespan
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • One (1) NHK G5 FastBright HID Ballast