RGB Halo Kits 2.0 LED Underglow Lights

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INTRO: Bring your ride to life with an LED Underglow Lighting Kit 2.0! This flexible kit uses waterproof lighting strips with 30 brilliant colors and 8 lighting modes to create a spectacular underglow effect like no other. Turn heads and make a statement with this incredible lighting kit!

FLOW SERIES: Features the most head-turning effects and rainbow like, flowing dynamic color combinations. Flow is great for car shows, attention, etc. Flow is slightly more complex to operate as there are so many led modes. However, you can still choose solid colors RGB colors like red, green, blue, and yellow at will through our controller. Flow does not feature a pure white color chip but does feature a mixed or (blueish white color 6500k)

BLUETOOTH CONTROLLER: Allows the user to control the LED lights via app on your phone! Our Ultra-responsive app gives you full control over the colors, modes, brightness, speed, and more! Your phone or smart device is the controller!


  • Flow Series, Color-Changing, Color-Chasing Effects
  • Newest LED Technology featuring 120+ Flowing Modes
  • Bluetooth Controller with Phone App Included
  • Easy Installation with Plug-and-Play JST Connectors
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • One (2) 60" Flow Series Fully Waterproof Strip
  • Two (2) 36" Flow Series Fully Waterproof Strip
  • One (1) Bluetooth Controller